“Tradecraft Blues” is an action/comedy following the story of Scott and Kayla Harris. He’s CIA, she’s NSA. After falling in love and getting married, they had two daughters, and event which took them of the field assignment list. Now that the kids are older, Scott and Kayla are trying to get back into the field… all while keeping their kids insulated from the dangerous world of espionage.

Our first season will follow Scott Harris (Scott Harders, “Nem Gate”) and Kayla Harris (Michelle Palermo, “Duel at the Mound”) as they attempt to get back into the full swing of being field agents, while still being full-time parents.  Their biggest challenge is keeping their true profession a secret from their daughters, Danielle Harris (Mackenzie Coffman, “Duel at the Mound”) and Melody Harris (Jordan Goldring, “Before All Others”).  Fortunately they have help from their joint agency handler, Henry Larson (Henry Ibarra, “After the Chase”) who acts as Kayla’s step-brother.  While providing them with missions, he also helps keep the Harris’ cover intact.

“Tradecraft Blues” is created by Scott Harders and is produced by Radian-Helix Media.


Michelle Palermo

Henry Ibarra

Scott Harders

Cisco Saavedra

Mackenzie Coffman

Jordan Goldring

Charles Nemec

Gary Herkimer